Cloud servers with distributed architecture, high performance and instant resources | First Class Cloud REQUEST BETA General availability on October 7
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DISTRIBUTED ARCHITECTURE All data is read and write to a distributedfile system, up to 10x faster than the market.
BARE METAL PERFORMANCE There is no hypervisor overhead and the boottime is less than 5s.
REAL-TIME RESOURCES Change CPU, RAM and disk separately and inreal-time. Billed by the minute, without plans.
Flexible, high available and incredibly fast. The Next Generation of IaaS What if you could change separately the resources you want in your cloud server and be able to apply this change instantly, without reboot?And the performance could be the same as the native hardware, without any degradation, and the disk could provide even faster speeds than SSD's.And if your server is already distributed and high available, so you do not have to worry about hardware failures. With Adimira, all this is possible.